Ne-Yo admits turning vegan is one of the hardest things he's ever had to do.

The 'Because of You' hitmaker decided to give up meat and any animal-based products for at least 30 days, and while he is feeling the benefits, he says it's been a very tough time.

He said: ''I've gone vegan. There are more difficult things, but this is definitely a test of discipline. I just wanted to see if I could. It's one of the most challenging diets and ways of life there is out there. No meat, nothing derived from animals. I can't even eat honey as it comes from bees.

''I haven't killed anybody yet! I told myself I'd do, at the very least, 30 days. As far as energy levels and all of that, there's a very obvious change. On the other hand, there's been other days when I could kill someone for a hamburger.''

The R&B star is now one of the biggest names in the music industry but admits even he gets star-struck but tries to remain cool.

When asked who is the most famous person he's urinated next to, Ne-Yo told The Sun newspaper: ''Kanye West. I don't even think he saw me. He was a couple of urinals down. I wouldn't dare run up and be like: 'Hey!'

''You don't run up to people and try and shake their hand in the bathroom - you just don't. I let the man do his business - and then shook his hand later on in the night. That's toilet etiquette.''