Review of Sexy Love Single by Ne-Yo

Sexy Love
Def Jam
Uk Release Date - Tbc

Ne-Yo Sexy Love Single

Ne-Yo returns with a smoulderingly smooth classic follow up to the number 1 smash "So Sick". The track has all the feel of the kind of quality that you would have associated with Michael Jackson at his peak. Reminiscent of the classic track human nature, Ne-Yo puts his own very original style into it via his own distinctive vocal tones. Produced by Stargate, responsible for his debut hit, the Scandinavian maestros use of keyboards and drums is as prominent as ever but yet again as with 'So Sick" and the entire of Ne-Yo's debut album, it's the strength of the song that shines through and the power of his vocals, added together it guarantees this awesome talent another sure fire hit record.


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