Review of Because Of You Single by Ne-Yo

Because Of You
Def Jam
Uk Release Date April 16th - Download Release Date Tbc
Single Review

Ne-Yo Because Of You Single

Ne-yo returns with the breathtaking "Because Of You" if this isn't a worldwide smash there really is no justice in the world. This track really is Ne-Yo at his vocal best and Stargate twisting all their knobs to maximum potential. This mid beat radio friendly track is so good I know already this early into 2007 that it will be in my top 5 of the year. It is the kind of quality track that Michael Jackson should be recording today, sublime soulful, quality R&B that is danceable and yet sublime for radio. Yet for all its instant and cross over appeal it has a distinctive specialist slant that will have me and fellow mad lovers of the good groove jumping up and down about it. If this doesn't end up in your collection (excuse the pun) you are "So Sick" lol.

Real Urban Appeal 5/5 Hit Appeal 5/5

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