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Because of you
Album review

Ne-Yo Because of you Album

Ne-Yo returns with his sophomore project entitled "Because of You" (The title being an ode to his adoring fans) and what a cracker it is! The album opens with the title track and unless you've been on Mars for the past few months, you'll know the track pretty well by now. For those that don't however, its a mid-beat killer, produced by Stargate (who did "So sick" and "Sexy love" on the first album) and is very reminiscent to Michael Jackson, both in terms of harmonies and it's fresh sound and describes Ne-Yo's constant addiction with a young lady despite already being in a relationship! Next up, the hip-hop collobaration we've all been waiting for.

Mr. Hova himself makes a guest appearance on this cut simply entitled "Crazy" and the Jigga man promptly laces his verse before Ne-Yo's smooth vocals. The mid-beat "Can we chill" has a real old skool feel to it and is produced by Eric Hudson and Ne-Yo (of Omarion "Entourage" fame) The mood then mellows with "Do You" This is surely a contender as the forthcoming single and sounds like a continuation from where "So Sick" left off!

Lyrically it's stunning and Ne-Yo describes the feeling of an ex-girlfriend who has moved on and also had a baby. Next comes, yours truly favourite. The amazing "Addicted" This track is one of two that are tributes to the legendary Prince. This song, produced by the highly under-rated Shea Taylor ("when you're mad" from the first album) is THE Urban anthem on the album.

This track will have you constantly hitting the re-wind button on the Ipod for sure and describes a certain US magazine's mis-construed idea that Ne-Yo is in fact "Addicted to sex" and this is his answer to that with a cheeky twist! This is swiftly followed by the "out and out" soul hit on the album "Leaving tonight" and features the supremely talented vocals of Ms. Jennifer Hudson.

The track depicts that old chestnut trust in a relationship. While Ne-Yo does his best to convince that he's not cheating on his partner, despite another girl ringing him 26 times in a day! Unfortunatley, Ms. Hudson still seems swayed towards her gut instincts that tell her otherwise.

"Sex with my ex" is the second Prince feeling track on the set, and sounds similar to "When doves cry" at the intro and even Ne-Yo's subtle vocal changes are even reminiscent of the great man. "Angel" has a pop-influenced 80's feel to it and illustrates that angels, belong to God and not to men!

"Make it work" is wonderfully produced, yet again by Shay Taylor and describes, quite simply, trying to make a relationship work and is beautifully written and again is a potential single. The album closes with the Stargate produced "Go on girl" If there was an answer to Beyonce's "Irreplacable" this is it! The track has a real "end of summer" feel as Ne-Yo assures himself and his now ex-partner that he is more than ok to move on from his past love, in fact, he is all the better for it! This is sure to be a contender for the final single of this well-balanced and gorgeously written album. It is fair to say that Ne-Yo has certainly taken a pop angle on this album to a degree, for that is no doubt, however there is more than enough on here to keep his urban audience content!

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