Naughty Boy may have to ditch some British artists from his album to crack America.

The 'La La La' producer says in order to achieve US success he will have to make adjustments to the guest vocalists on his debut album, 'Hotel Cabana', which may result in UK stars such as Wretch 32, Tinie Tempah and Mic Righetous being axed in favour of big-name US rappers.

Speaking of his future plans to, the 28-year-old producer said: ''It's gonna be different - some artists will be replaced. I can't just go there with all the artists I've got and expect Americans to buy into it.''

Naughty Boy - real name Shahid Khan - claims he wouldn't want to change the album too much and would be keen to keep his top ten hits 'La La La' featuring Sam Smith, and 'Lifted' featuring Emeli Sande untouched.

He added: ''I might have to add Nas or Andre 3000 or change it up a bit - but still keep the sentiment. Songs like 'La La La' or 'Lifted,' I don't need to do anything to.''

While the star has his sights set on the US he believes the UK music industry is becoming more compettive due to an increasing number of musicans gaining success in other countries.

He mused: ''I think [artists] are more competitive now, because it's game time now. We can sell albums, we can go around the world, we can have hits around the world. I think when it's that kinda time people stop thinking 'let me help you here', I think people start thinking, 's**t, I've gotta get to the top now.''