Tragic movie star Natalie Wood's sister has begged the actress' former husband Robert Wagner to forgive her for the years she spent accusing him of the West Side Story star's murder.
One-time Bond girl Lana Wood insists it's time for her to move on from the 1981 drowning incident - and she's sorry for all the heartache she has caused her former brother-in-law.
The actress tells the Globe, "Robert didn't kill her - it's time to forgive and forget. Whatever his involvement in Natalie's death, I'm sure it was not with malicious intent.
"For years I wanted someone to blame. He became the target of my sorrow and rage. I forgive RJ (Wagner) and hope he'll forgive me for my years of doubt."
Mystery still surrounds the tragedy, which took place off the California coast near the island of Catalina. Reports suggest Wagner and Christopher Walken were engaged in a heated discussion onboard a luxury yacht when intoxicated Wood, a poor swimmer, fell overboard.
Lana Wood admits she was so devastated by her big sister's death she has only just been able to summon up the courage to visit Natalie's grave for the first time.
She says, "The thought of visiting her was always too heartbreaking for me to contemplate.
"I pray that in forgiving RJ and spending time by Natalie's grave I can eventually lead a normal life and free myself from the nightmare of her death."