Late movie icon Natalie Wood once pleasured herself with one of Elvis Presley's entourage after the King refused to have sex with her.

The stunning actress courted Presley on and off while he shot LOVE ME TENDER in 1956, and one night attempted to bed the superstar.

But 20 minutes into the romp, Wood came storming out of Presley's bedroom, accusing the singer of being gay because he wouldn't have sex with her.

Presley's pal BYRON RAPHAEL was forced to make love to the frustrated actress instead, outside the singer's room.

He recalls, "'What's the matter with your boss?' she demanded, glaring at me. 'Doesn't he know how to screw? He's all hands and no action.'"

But Raphael insists Presley felt that full sex before marriage was a sin and feared he'd tear his foreskin if he indulged in anything but fellatio and masturbation. He felt he couldn't explain that to angry Wood.

He adds, "She kept on raving, 'I thought he was supposed to be the king of the sack... What's Elvis going to do, tell his buddies I'm not sexy enough for him?'"

Wood then called Elvis and the members of his entourage "homos" before demanding Raphael prove he didn't fit that category in Presley's living room.

He remembers, "All of a sudden it hit me that I was actually f**king Natalie Wood."