Natalie Portman has had a song dedicated to her on Ghostface Killah's new album.

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper was impressed when he heard the stunning actress was a fan of "really obscene hip-hop" music so has now paid tribute to her.

He told Page Six: "I read in some interview she did that she likes obscene rap music. When I read that, it was, like, 'Oh, **** she would love the **** I got right here on this album!'

"It was wild, 'cause I remember her as the little girl in 'The Professional,' and now she's all about the wild ****. Yo, if you see her, give her my number. Tell her we gotta make some music together."

Natalie recently said she enjoys nothing better than nodding along to bass-heavy tunes with explicit lyrics.

She said: "In my current state... I'm trying to think of a song that feels like sleepwalking. I don't know. I've mostly been listening to dirty rap lately. That's sort of my scene.

"Really, really obscene hip-hop. I love it so much. It makes me laugh and then it makes me want to dance. Those are like my two favourite things, so combined it's great."