Natalie Portman says motherhood is the hardest job in the world.

The 'Thor: The Dark World' actress claims raising her two-year-old son Aleph with her husband, French choreographer Benjamin Millepied, is far more demanding and exhausting than any acting role she has ever undertaken.

She said: ''The one thing my mom didn't warn me about is how hard it is to be a mother yourself. I never thought of motherhood as being the full-on job that it is. Going to work now feels like a day off.''

The 32-year-old Oscar winner believes her special bond with her own parents, Shelley and Avner, is responsible for her being a sensible and ''conservative'' person.

Natalie - who was born in Jerusalem, Israel - began her acting career at the age of just 11 with a starring role in hitman thriller 'Leon' and her commitment to her work also meant she was never interested in partying when she was younger.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Natalie revealed: ''I am an only child and all my holidays were with [mom] and dad. I would hang out with my parents on a Friday night when my friends were at a party that I didn't want to attend. I was always conservative. I've never tried smoking. I didn't drink. I never tried drugs. I don't condemn people who do - I just never wanted to.

''I didn't even like parties when I was at high school. My closest friends were very straight. But I had the most adult experiences, in a way. I have been working since the age of 11, getting paid, in a grown-up world. Yet, on the other hand, I missed out on the experiences of a lot of kids.''