Natalie Imbruglia got over her divorce by jumping out of a plane.

The 'Torn' singer - who split from Silverchair rocker Daniel Johns in January 2008 - thought trying something new would help her feels stronger, despite her friends thinking she was "nuts" for taking on such a terrifying challenge.

She said: "Jumping out of a plane is an excellent way to get over a divorce. After breaking up with my husband I felt I should do something that would give me a new lease of life.

"My good friend Jack Osbourne asked me if I wanted to take part in his TV show, 'Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie,' and I jumped at the chance.

"All my friends thought I was completely nuts. I was terrified at the prospect, but once I'd done it, I realised that I was capable of taking on any challenge."

The Australian star is delighted she took part in the show as it helped her overcome all her fears - even though at the time, she was terrified she would die.

She explained to You magazine: "The hardest challenge was climbing Mount Fable in Alberta, Canada. It was meant to be a five-hour climb, but it took me 11 hours.

"The worst bit was when I found myself in the middle of an electric cloud. The Feeling was so extreme that I felt like I was touching my own death. I was convinced I was going to be electrocuted.

"Then the film crew shouted, 'Sit on your bag. It's made of rubber. It'll protect you.' The whole climb was sheer terror, but it was worth it to get to that summit. I realised I'd gone beyond fear and that nothing could ever be so scary again. It was a life-changing experience for me."