Australian pop star Natalie Imbruglia has sparked speculation of a fledgling romance with British royal Prince Harry - after she was reportedly overheard calling the young heir "sexy and charming".
The pair has been friends since Imbruglia's divorce from rocker Daniel Johns last year (08).
Now sources tell Britain's Mail on Sunday both were giggling and talking "for ages" at Imbruglia's 34th birthday party in London earlier this month (Feb09).
Harry, who recently split from student Chelsy Davy, is said to be in regular contact with Imbruglia via text messages - despite friends insisting he is "not her type".
One source tells the publication, "Natalie's single at the moment. She's a totally gorgeous girl and very down to earth and lots of fun. It seems that Harry has joined her very long list of admirers. Natalie wasn't exactly avoiding his attentions. Harry was being very charming, which probably made her feel very fabulous and young."
The source adds, "At one point she was in the ladies' loos (toilets) with a girlfriend fixing her make-up. She said she thought Harry was sexy and very charming and kept asking her friend if she looked alright and if her bottom looked big, which of course it didn't. She is stunning."