Review of The Spirit Of Apollo Album by NASA

Read our review of 'The Spirit Of Apollo' by N.A.S.A

NASA The Spirit Of Apollo Album

N.A.S.A stands for North America South America and is a concept created to fuse music from both sides of these continents featuring some outstanding well known artists. In fact when you look at the list of artists working together: KRS 1, Tom Waites, M.I.A, Chuck D, Karen O, Kool Keith, David Byrne, Kanye West its mind boggling and seriously heavyweight. Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon are the masterminds behind this project. Both cutting edge musical talents there skill and enthusiasm have created a musical coming together without ego but a conscious experiment I could have never imagined.

When you listen to 'The Spirit Of Apollo' it's amazing to hear for example genius Kool Keith with Tom Waites on 'Spacious Thoughts' performing together. It's even more amazing to Ol' Dirty Bastard resurrected from the grave on 'Strange Enough'. It's good to see a heavy dose of Wu Tang MC's like Method Man, RZA, Ghost Face Killa and cutting edge artists like Spank Rock, Santogold as well as older artists such George Clinton. There's so much going on from Clean and Zegon that range from Brazilian beats, to pure street hip hop or more inventive break beat. It's all very interesting, familiar and remarkable.

However when you look at whose involved and the idea of this concept you have to ask is it as good as the sum or its parts? Musically perhaps 'The Spirit Of Apollo' is not as compelling as you might think or the original as you could believe. However I think as an album it's all good. There are some quality vocal performances and the music works well that sets the groove throughout the album. Some tracks could definitely be played out live and just to listen to the tracks sit really well in the background. Just the fact that this album exists is credit to N.A.S.A and the conscious element all the way though is great. Definitely worth a listen.