Nas thinks he and Frank Ocean could have made a ''great'' record.

The pair had collaborated on a track believed to be called 'No Such Thing as White Jesus' but producer Hit-Boy lost the digital recordings and the song was never completed, but Nas thinks it would have been hugely successful had it ever been released.

He told MTV News ''I've talked about a song with Frank Ocean about a year and a half before anybody worked with him and since then it's been a heavily anticipated record, but I didn't talk about which song actually.

''Now, I've talked about us working and we never got to that point, completing a great record. Who knows? I guess it would've been a big record if it ever came to light.''

Frank previously revealed some lyrics he said were intended for the song.

The lyrics were: ''Whatever you do, young king, don't wind up dead/ Young queen, cross your legs/ Put a crown on your head and remove the chains/ 'Cause even diamond chains are for slaves/ Don't set foot in no penitentiary and don't taste the poison/ Don't you bail on your families.''