Nas and his wife Kelis are the targets of a new book by an ex-girlfriend who claims the rapper wanted to have a threesome with both women. CARMEN BRYAN claims Nas - real name NASIR JONES - beat her, cheated on her and cut off her child support, and then invited her for a threesome with MILKSHAKE singer Kelis before the two were married. According to New York Daily News columnist BEN WIDDICOMBE, Bryan claims she cheated on Nas with JAY-Z and Allen Iverson and that Nas beat her "with a closed fist" after finding out about one fling. Bryan says she then "pulled out my pepper spray from my back pocket and sprayed Nas down like he was some rabid pit bull" when he cheated. The self-described "hip-hop Helen Of Troy" also says Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce Knowles because he said, "To be honest, I can't take her breath."