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Kelis Happy To Be Single Parent

16th September 2010

Kelis thinks being a single mother is "awesome".The 'Milkshake' singer - who has a 13-month-old son Knight with her ex-husband Nas - hates it when people offer her sympathy about her divorce.She said: "It's hard...

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Robert Wilson Founder Of The Gap Band Dies Aged 53

17th August 2010

Bassist and founder of the legendary funk group THE GAP BAND, ROBERT WILSON, has died aged 53. Wilson, who made up the band with his brothers CHARLIE WILSON and RONNIE WILSON, died on Sunday 18th...

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Nas And Damian Marley's 'Common Approach'

16th August 2010

Damian Marley and Nas work well together because they have a similar approach to life.The pair - who released reggae and hip-hop fuse album 'Distant Relatives' in May - admit they have a lot in...

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Kelis' Friendly Ex

7th August 2010

Kelis insists she and Nas are now friends.The 'Milkshake' singer - whose divorce from the rapper was finalised in May following months of legal wrangling over financial arrangements - says she no longer has any...

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Alicia Keys Has Island Wedding

2nd August 2010

Alicia Keys married her fiance Swizz Beatz yesterday (01.08.10).The 'Empire State of Mind' singer - who is five months pregnant with the couple's first child - tied the knot with the music producer on the...

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Movie Reviews Dinner For Schmucks

30th July 2010

The worst thing about Dinner for Schmucks may be its title. Based on a French movie whose title is translated as The Dinner Game , the film is receiving some very decent reviews. A.O. Scott...

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Lythgoe Returns To Idol As Producer; Judge Too?

27th July 2010

Nigel Lythgoe is returning as executive producer of American Idol, raising speculation that he may also step into Simon Cowell's shoes as a judge on America's top-rated entertainment show. Cowell served as a judge on...

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Movie Reviews Inception

16th July 2010

Few movies in recent years -- if any at all -- have received the sort of adulatory reception from key critics as Christopher Nolan's Inception. Except for a handful of critics, many of whom display...

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15th July 2010

Will.I.Am considers himself the "personification" of hip hop.The 'Heartbreaker' hitmaker - who is co-founder of the Black Eyed Peas - revealed he is "cool" with fellow artists and music magazines deriding him for not being...

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Cnn Fires Middle Eastern Editor

8th July 2010

The requirement that users of Twitter limit their remarks to 140 characters may have done in CNN's senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs, Octavia Nasr. On Sunday, she posted a message on Twitter saying that...

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Kelis Refuses To Insult Nas For Son's Sake

7th July 2010

Singer KELIS has vowed never to speak ill of her ex-husband NAS because she doesn't want their son to read about the former hip-hop supercouple's troubles in the press.The Milkshake hitmaker split from rapper Nas...

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Kelis' Art Competition

5th July 2010

Kelis has asked her fans to design promotional material for her summer tour with Robyn.The 'Acapella' singer - who is about to join the Swedish pop star for the 'All Hearts' tour around America from...

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Kelis And Ex-husband Nas Are 'Friends'

3rd July 2010

R&B singer KELIS has put her differences with ex-husband NAS behind her, insisting they've become "friends" months after settling their bitter divorce battle.The Milkshake hitmaker filed for legal separation in April, 2009 and their marriage...

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Nas Agrees Mortgage Payments

25th June 2010

Nas has signed a payment plan to cover ex-wife Kelis' mortgage.The 'I Can' rapper has fallen behind on payments and will now have to shell out double what he was originally ordered to pay to...

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Nas Agrees To Pay Up In Kelis Mortgage Debt

24th June 2010

Rapper NAS has signed up for a payment plan in an effort to help him cover the cost of his ex-wife KELIS' mortgage, after falling behind on his spousal support.The I Can hitmaker, real name...

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Nascar 400 To Be Televised In 3d

22nd June 2010

There will probably be more people watching the July 3 NASCAR 400 in the stands at the Daytona International Speedway than watching it on the handful of 3D sets currently in consumers' homes, but TNT...

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Lawyers Stand By Ready To Defend Accused Pirates

14th June 2010

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has gathered the names of some 75 attorneys who have agreed to come to the aid of anyone accused by the U.S. Copyright Group (USCG) of illegally downloading movies from BitTorrent...

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Nbc Reports Strong Upfront Sales

11th June 2010

NBC on Thursday completed its upfront sales for the fall season. Trade reports were at odds over the estimated receipts for its broadcast and cable networks, but even a lowball estimate that they were flat...

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Panasonic Producing Biggest 3d Screen

10th June 2010

Japan's Panasonic on Wednesday introduced a 3D plasma display measuring a whopping 12 1/2 feet across and featuring 4096 x 2160 resolution, providing twice the definition of the average digital 3D projector in theaters. The...

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Will "Sequelitis" Harm Summer Box Office?

2nd June 2010

Following the poor Memorial Day performance by the box office, some analysts are expressing concern that the summer could turn out to be a loser for the studios. Today's Hollywood Reporter suggested that the box...

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Jobs Apple Tv Is Still "A Hobby"

2nd June 2010

Apple chief Steve Jobs appeared to scotch persistent rumors that the company was planning to update its AppleTV settop box and go head-to-head against Google TV. Appearing at the All Things Digital conference in Palos...

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Fox Wins On Speed

31st May 2010

Fox's coverage of NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 from the Charlotte Motor Speedway topped the ratings Sunday night as the auto race averaged 6.2 million viewers. On a night of comparatively light viewing, the NASCAR race, won...

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Stars Join Santana For Classic Rock Covers Album

28th May 2010

Rapper NAS, JOE COCKER, CHRIS CORNELL and THE DOORS keyboard player RAY MANZAREK have teamed up with guitar great CARLOS SANTANA for his new album of classic rock anthems.Nas performs AC DC's Back in Black...

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Panasonic To Produce Plasma 3d Tv Sets

26th May 2010

Japan's Panasonic Corp. is predicting that by the time its 20112-2013 fiscal year ends, 70 percent of its plasma TV sets will be 3D capable. In an interview with the Associated Press, Panasonic President Fumio...

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Kelis And Nas Officially Over

25th May 2010

Kelis and Nas have officially divorced. The couple - who wed in 2005 after a two-year relationship and announced they were calling time on their marriage in April 2009, even though Kelis was pregnant at...

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Nas & Kelis End Marriage Battle

25th May 2010

NAS and KELIS' marriage is officially over - the former couple has been granted a divorce.The hip-hop supercouple split in April, 2009 after four years of marriage, with Kelis citing irreconcilable differences in her divorce...

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Kelis Has Big Designs For Son

24th May 2010

Kelis would rather her son became an architect than a pop star.The 'Milkshake' singer is amazed at how much musical ability 10-month-old Knight - her child with ex-husband Nas - is already showing and though...

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Cowell Unhappy With Ellen As Idol Judge

21st May 2010

Departing American Idol judge Simon Cowell took an indirect swipe at fellow judge Ellen DeGeneres during an interview with Oprah Winfrey on Thursday. Cowell expressed disappointment at Paula Abdul's exit from the show, saying that...

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The Things They Say 16576

20th May 2010

"I was always surprised when someone knew my dad. I can't imagine being Damian. Bob being my dad would just be a whole other level for me." Rapper NAS, whose father is jazz star dad...

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Screenwriter-songwriter Says He Had To Hide His Conservative Bent

19th May 2010

In a front-page feature today (Wednesday), the Wall Street Journal revealed that the singer who performs a "tea-party anthem" at conservative rallies across the country and goes by the name of Jon David is actually...

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