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Nas Records Election Song

5th November 2008

Rapper NAS has recorded a song in honour of America's historic presidential election on Tuesday (04Nov08). The hip-hop star missed the poll as he is currently on tour in Norway and decided on the eve...

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Ice Cube Open To Scarface Supergroup

7th October 2008

Rapper ICE CUBE has welcomed plans laid out by retiring hip-hop star SCARFACE to create a new supergroup with himself and NAS. The Houston, Texas star recently revealed he would be quitting rap after the...

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Young Jeezy + Nas Team Up To Support Obama

2nd September 2008

Rappers NAS and YOUNG JEEZY have declared their support for U.S. Democratic presidential nominee BARACK OBAMA after teaming up for a politically-charged rap. The pair recorded My President Is Black for Jeezy's forthcoming album, The...

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Nas Calls On Rap's Veterans To 'Get Real'

18th August 2008

NAS insists its his rap peers' duty to "get real" and "take risks" as they become hip-hop veterans. The rap star, who recently sparked controversy by initially calling his new album Nigger, insists high-living stars...

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O'reilly Attacks Nas

28th July 2008

Outspoken Fox News anchorman BILL O'REILLY has taken aim at NAS over the rapper's protest outside the TV network's headquarters in New York last week (ends25Jul08). Nas joined human rights activists to deliver a 600,000-name...

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Nas Proud To Be Associated With Fox Protestors

24th July 2008

LATEST: Outspoken rapper NAS jumped at the chance to participate in a protest against bosses at U.S. TV network Fox this week - branding their news reporting "racist" and biased. The I Can hitmaker joined...

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Nas Replaces Lil Wayne As Rap Still Rules U.s. Album Chart

23rd July 2008

Rap still rules at the top of the U.S. album charts - NAS has replaced LIL WAYNE at number one. Nas' controversial new Untitled release sold 187,000 copies in its first week to claim the...

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Nas To Deliver Protest Petition To Fox

22nd July 2008

Rapper NAS is calling for bosses at U.S. TV network Fox to end their "pattern of racist attacks against Black Americans" by delivering a 600,000-name petition at the media giants' New York headquarters. The outspoken...

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Nas Attacks Jackson Over Obama Slur

11th July 2008

Rapper NAS has hit out at REVEREND JESSE JACKSON - after the U.S. civil rights activist was caught insulting presidential candidate BARACK OBAMA on TV. Jackson was forced to apologise to Obama on Wednesday (09Jul08)...

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Nas + Kelis Scrap Reality Show

7th July 2008

Hip-hop couple NAS and KELIS have scrapped plans for a new reality TV show - because they're too boring. The pair filmed two episodes of the proposed show but hated what they saw. Nas says,...

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Nas First Tasted Marijuana At Nine

5th July 2008

Rapper NAS first sampled marijuana when he was just nine years old. The I Can hitmaker reveals his jazzman father Olu Dara would return from tours with tall tales and pot he'd share with his...

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The Things They Say 8783

3rd July 2008

"His movie has an incredible message. He gave me a better understanding of his people (Jews) and of the Palestinians and all that bulls**t going on - by making fun of it." Rapper NAS was...

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Nas + Soulja Boy Land Sneaker Deals

30th June 2008

Rappers NAS and SOULJA BOY have just signed new sneaker deals. Nas and sports brand Fila have just entered into a new one-year partnership, while Soulja Boy has signed a multi-year footwear and apparel contract...

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Wonder Slams Nas' N**Ger Lp

27th June 2008

Soul legend STEVIE WONDER has blasted rapper NAS for planning to call his new album N**GER - insisting the word is still offensive to a lot of people. Nas came under fire from both the...

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The Things They Say 8692

25th June 2008

"A lot of rappers are not what they say they are. It's a gimmick. Real men have children. We have nieces, nephews, little cousins, little sisters." NAS insists rap fans shouldn't believe their idols are...

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Nas To Release The N**Ger Mixtape

28th May 2008

Hip-hop star NAS will defy his record label bosses at Def Jam when he releases THE N**GER MIXTAPE - after he was pressured to drop the controversial word from the title of his forthcoming album....

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Sharpton Praises Nas For Dropping Controversial Album Title

21st May 2008

LATEST: Rapper NAS' decision not to call his new album N**GER has been praised by civil rights activist REVEREND AL SHARPTON. The 34-year-old New York native wanted to use the title to make a political...

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Nas Ditches Provocative Title Of New Album

19th May 2008

Rapper NAS has ditched the controversial title of his new album just weeks before its release. The I Can hitmaker had planned to name his new release N***er, incurring the wrath of many fellow hip-hop...

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Nas Pulls 'Diss' Tracks From Live Shows

30th April 2008

Rapper NAS has been forced to pull some of his fans' favourite anthems from live shows - because he no longer has issues with those he criticises on records. The I Can hitmaker admits there...

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Nas Thanks Ono For 'Breaking Up The Beatles'

29th April 2008

Outspoken rapper NAS has applauded YOKO ONO for reportedly splitting up THE BEATLES - because she helped JOHN LENNON develop his solo career. The I Can hitmaker is a big fan of Lennon's music and...

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Nas + Kelis To Sue Miami?

22nd April 2008

Rapper NAS and his R+B singer wife KELIS are reportedly threatening to launch a $100 million (GBP50 million) lawsuit against the city of Miami, Florida - accusing officials of racial profiling. Milkshake hitmaker Kelis -...

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Nas Backs Obama

8th April 2008

Rapper NAS has offered his backing to BARACK OBAMA's U.S. presidential campaign, claiming the Democratic candidate is the "face of America". Nas is the latest in a line of celebrities to publicly declare their support...

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Nas Shocked By Premature Album Review

27th February 2008

Rapper NAS has piled more pressure on U.S. magazine Maxim by accusing the publication of writing a review of his album - even though it isn't finished yet. Maxim magazine published a premature analysis of...

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Nas Speaks Out About Controversial Album Name

11th February 2008

Hip-hop star NAS has defended his decision to name his upcoming album NIGGER, insisting the word is symbolic of the discrimination faced by all ethnicities, not just those of African origin. The Hip-Hop Is Dead...

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The Things They Say 7055

6th February 2008

"They had to expect the least a n**ga like NAS could do was make an album called NIGGER." Rapper NAS insists people shouldn't be shocked by the controversial title of his forthcoming LP.

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Nas Not Dropped From Label

25th January 2008

Def Jam label bosses have hit back at reports the company is dropping rapper NAS over his plans to title his next album NIGGER. The I Can hitmaker made headlines last year (07) when he...

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Ice Cube In Talks For Collaboration With Scarface + Nas

11th January 2008

Rapper/actor ICE CUBE is planning a superstar collaboration with his hip-hop peers SCARFACE and NAS. The former N.W.A. star admits they have yet to decide on the finer details, but a project with Scarface -...

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Fascinating Fact 4406

2nd December 2007

One of the tracks on rapper NAS' controversial new album NIGGER is titled FEAR OF THE BLACK MAN'S D**K.

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Fascinating Fact 4383

29th November 2007

Rapper NAS has recruited super-producers JERMAINE DUPRI and SEAN COMBS to help him complete his controversial new album NIGGER.

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Fascinating Fact 4367

27th November 2007

Rapper NAS' controversially-titled album NIGGER has been pushed back by one month. It will now hit stores in February (08) - the same time African-Americans celebrate Black History Month in the U.S.

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