What's this? An authentically human romantic comedy without any sign of two-dimensional stereotypes, nose-crinkling cute stock sweethearts or broadly farcical emotional retards? Well, beat me with a valentine! Who'd have thunk it.

At first glance, "Someone Like You" may look like a formulaic chick flick about a pert, 30-ish career gal (Ashley Judd) who moves in with a womanizing wolf of a co-worker (Hugh Jackman) after being dumped by her boyfriend (Greg Kinnear). But the people that populate this picture are refreshingly genuine and multifaceted, with understandable motives and tangible feelings.

Sure Roy (Kinnear) dumps Jane (Judd) just before they're about to move in together and just after her apartment has been rented to someone else. But he's not just an insensitive jerk toying with her heart. He got spooked by the speed of their relationship (they'd only been going out six weeks) and he'd left another woman for her. The guy is genuinely torn, wracked with doubts and guilt.

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