Naomi Campbell washes her hair with washing-up liquid mixed with egg.

The 42-year-old supermodel credits her glossy locks with an unusual homemade concoction involving an egg, Guinness Irish stout and the cleaning agent.

Quizzed about her best kept beauty secret, she revealed: ''Raw egg, Guinness and Fairy liquid - it makes your hair fluffy and shiny and thick.''

The catwalk queen is famed for having one of the most recognisable faces in the fashion industry after being scouted by an agency aged just 15, but she hasn't always thought of herself as attractive.

Naomi laughed to Britain's OK! magazine: ''I think I thought that I didn't look too bad when I was a huge Culture Club fan at 13. I used to get the hats and stick on the braid so I'd look like Boy George. That's when I thought I was OK.''

The star claims the modelling world has become almost unrecognisable since she started out and wonders if her statuesque height would have afforded her the same success nowadays.

She said: ''It moves so quickly! There's no time to be inspired any more. Coming from the 90s, back then, we just had to learn as we went along. I remember I would ask Iman or other models who were around me to show me how to do things.

''But things have changed since then, I'm 5ft 91/2 inches, and when I started modelling, that was considered tall. The generations that have come after are much taller.''

However, she believes fellow 90s star and close pal Kate Moss proved being a supermodel is about more than just beauty and thinks that standard is still true today.

Naomi mused: ''I guess she [Kate] showed us all that you didn't have to be so tall. But I think being a supermodel really does come from your personality. You've got to have that something special that catches attention.''