Naomi Campbell misses having Alexander McQueen's advice, because he was "always right".

The supermodel has paid further tribute to the late fashion designer and her friend, who sadly took his own life in February, reflecting on the great tips he gave her during their Friendship.

Naomi said: "While we worked together many times, ours was a true friendship. He was very sincere and supportive. He would always call me up and offer advice. And, you know what, he was always right."

She also spoke of the support she received from other models, in particular Kate Moss, in the wake of Alexander's death when she put together a series of his designs for her Fashion For Relief show, which raised money for the victims of this year's devastating Haiti earthquake.

She added to Britain's Grazia magazine: "I knew he would have wanted to do something for Haiti and there was no way that, just a few weeks after his death, I could not do a tribute to Alex.

"Kate had never walked for one of my shows before but I didn't even get to finish the sentence before she was like, 'I'm there'. We all felt the same way."

She also added her memories of the designer were: "Small and personal, of private dinners together."