Supermodel Naomi Campbell has reportedly handed out $390,000 (GBP200,000) in an out-of-court settlement to actress YVONNE SCIO, the former friend she allegedly assaulted. Scio claimed Campbell pushed her against a wall at her suite in Rome's Hotel Eden in July 2005, scratched and punched her face repeatedly, and verbally abused her. She claimed the cuts she sustained were so serious she needed hospital treatment and was unable to give interviews to promote a film she'd just made. The case began at Rome's Tribunale Civile in December (06), with Campbell facing a potential sentence of a year in prison and GBP1,000 ($1,960) fine for insulting Scio, and a potential six months in jail and GBP200 ($392) fine for the assault. Court staff confirmed the case was settled on Tuesday, saying, "An agreement has been reached and damages have been paid. This means the charges against Naomi Campbell are dropped."