Does it help to know what a tesseract is when you sit down to watch The Tesseract? Not really. The fact that a tesseract is a four-dimensional object the three-dimensional shadow of which is a cube seems to relate mainly to the fact that there are four main characters whose lives intersect seemingly at random and are changed forever.

Based on the novel by Alex Garland, whose first novel, The Beach, was made into a movie that pumped up the action while ignoring the book's philosophical and sociological musings, The Tesseract suffers a similar fate. It's directed by the energetic action genius Oxide Pang (who sometimes teams up with his more prolific twin brother Danny on thrillers such as The Eye). Simply put, he's not a good fit here. Dispensing with the novel's heavy meaning-of-life issues, Pang focuses instead on the bang bang stuff, and what could have been a deep and introspective movie becomes a follow-the-stolen-drugs-through-the-crowded-streets action flick.

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