Cameron Diaz proved to have a knack for booty-shaking as she hustled her way through Charlie's Angels, and the good news is The Sweetest Thing gives her ample opportunity to shake her sweetest thing in every damn scene. The bad news is that what is being sold as a "sweet" romantic comedy is anything but. In fact, it's really just an overstimulated sex comedy with plenty of raunch and crudeness... and a stifling lack of humor.

Diaz stars as Christina, an oversexed, under-committal, zeroes kind of gal living in San Francisco. Her two roommates, Courtney (Christina Applegate) and Jane (Selma Blair), are similar poster children for Gen X. In what might have become an interesting spin on the genre, it's the girls who don't call back the guys and the guys who end up whining and crying over their heartache.

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