If you don't have a lawyer in the family... you're probably not looking hard enough. With some one million lawyers in America, we live in easily the most litigious country in the world, and documentarian Eric Chaikin (whose competitive Scrabble documentary Word Wars is a guilty pleasure) tears the profession down before quietly building it back up again.

Chaikin begins by shredding some of lawyerdom's most notorious facets -- the growth of frivolous lawsuits, ambulance chasers, and absurd warnings on products urging you not to ingest them -- then abruptly turns his attention to a group of aspiring lawyers who are set to take the Bar Exam in a few weeks' time. Here we witness the grueling preparations required for the three-day exam (including sample questions), and the strong likelihood that our subjects will not pass anyway: In California, the Bar has an average pass rate of just 39 percent. What, no more new lawyers!?

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