Review of Wallace Album by Naive New Beaters

Naive New Beaters are an infectious riot of comically injected 'Hip-Pop' or 'Rap-Rock' dependant on their want. The French/American outfit have at least one foot on the laughter pedal throughout their debut album 'Wallace'. Originally released in France on the 25th May 2009 the album is worthy of re-release following a hectic live schedule and mounting public and critical interest.

Wallace is a ten set party piece of upbeat and rhythmic feel good tunes. Born out of the squalor of 2 years combined residence in a Paris flat it has a surprisingly optimistic and above all, happy vibe. The key programmer may be a native of the land of fine wine and nouveau cuisine but the music is more Central America and Tako Bell.

In wickedly combining some of the most individual acts of America's East and West coasts Naive New Beaters manage to sound fresh and current without being a clich' or a caricature. Sounds from The Red Hot Chili Peppers through to Cyprus Hill can be heard reverberating through Wallace. Throw in some East Coast savvy in the form of the playful and creative tendencies shown by their kindred spirits The Beastie Boys and the NNB's lay down a sound that's incredibly hard to dislike. A jamboree akin to a Darwin Deez vs Daft Punk mash up but without the repetition.

Naive New Beaters Wallace Album

L.A Trumpets heralds the albums start with David Boring, Martin Luther BB King and EuroBelix "Keeping it cool." The tempo and attitude rarely drops giving rise to a plethora of pumping tunes. Get Love, Live Good and Can't Choose are the best of the high notes on Wallace, the latter having a truly pulsating bass line and fabulously fuzzy chorus. Just Another Day and Dual Income No Kids change the pace and style slightly with a more reflective opinion before their skilful use humour returns on the semi(?)-autobiographical, David Boring. The Last Badaboum rounds off Wallace in suitably cartoonish style, don't put it on to go to bed though, it has a .............................(You'll see).

Wallace, from The Naive New Beaters, is a gas from beginning to end. They'll be no shoegazing, contemplative, world weary introspection to be heard here. If you wanted to unwind, detach yourself from life's little troubles and have a blast you could do a lot worse.

Andrew Lockwood.

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