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A Pyrrhic Victory EP
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My Vitriol A Pyrrhic Victory EP

At the turn of the century two up and coming bands found themselves heavily tipped to drag British rock music kicking and screaming head first into the 21st Century.

One of these was Muse, the other being My Vitriol.

The unimpeachable rise of Muse to almost world domination status has been a source of excitement for all who dared to believe in them from the outset. On the other hand, the self-imposed hiatus of My Vitriol has been more one of bewilderment as the band seemingly had it all on a plate when 2001's 'Finelines' hit the shops amidst a wave of good press and sonic intensity.

Now, five years on from their last single release, My Vitriol are back with a new EP that while not returning to their tremolo inspired Seattle-isms, doesn't really inspire either.

Lead track 'War Of The Worlds' sounds like the band have been locked away in a studio all these years surrounded by textbooks decreeing how stadium rock anthems are meant to be, as it huffs and puffs bluster and bile in equal measures without ever really setting its sights on anyone or anything in particular.

'Lord Knows How I've Tried' is a forgettable ballad that probably wouldn't have made the cut as a b-side on the 4th single from 'Finelines' back in the day, while 'ElectroWar', a remix of the title track, is best left alone.

Worryingly, the best of the four songs on offer here is a cover of Martika's 'Toy Soldiers', which takes the original's subservient message and rips it inside out courtesy of Som Wardner and Seth Taylor's guitar histrionics.

Not the return we were expecting then.or maybe after so long, could we really have asked for any more?


Dom Gourlay

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