Review of Reality Cheque Album by My Head Radio

My Head Radio release 'Reality Cheque' on HotBlack Records. 'Reality Cheque' is certainly a coming together of different styles and has a progression that is inviting and intoxicating. The fact that none of the musicians have actually met each other is another example of how modern technology reduces boundaries to creativity. Geographically speaking the band live in different places but it if it's meant to be it's meant to be, and indeed My Head Radio were meant to be.

My Head Radio Reality Cheque Album

The four piece band bring about an innovative creativity that fuses jazz, pop, hip hop and funk together that is enjoyable to listen. Certainly there are some great moments from the musicians with 'Big Foot Prince' and 'Cease Fire'. Also on those tracks Boca Smole, from Michigan, drops some cool conscious lyrics that can't be denied from a hip hop perspective really. The female vocalist Ruby Tadharez sings constantly well throughout the album to bring some sass and soul to the mix.

'Reality Cheque' is a cool display of progressive fusion to me that brings forth a conscious creativity that I'm sure they would be pleased with achieving. I wouldn't say the whole album totally stands out to me but the fusion elements make it certainly interesting and positive. You could call this outfit quirky, certainly in a hip hop sense, but in a world without boundaries there seems to be less focus on categories but more emphasis about being creative. All good!

Tareck Ghoneim

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