Review of This Is My Hand Album by My Brightest Diamond

'This Is My Hand' is the fourth of My Brightest Diamond's solo album releases following 2011's 'All Things Will Unwind'. Although it has a stronger centre, more definition and is her most polished and positive work to date, Shara 'MBD' Worden sticks to more or less familiar territory with little attempt, or need, to stray far from her characteristic sound and composition.

My Brightest Diamond This Is My Hand Album

'This Is My Hand' certainly has darker edges ('I Am Not The Bad Guy') and even an occasional pop-ish bend ('Lover Killer'), but all the hallmarks that have become commonplace on any My Brightest Diamond album since her debut, 'Bring Me The Workhorse', are once again gloriously present here. The theatricality, the drama, the scale and the performance driven, character laden experience is just as absorbing and immersive as ever. Worden excels in the roleplay to make each track so complete and compelling.

Listening to 'This Is My Hand' isn't so much to just listen to a new album, it's like seeing a new production, going to the circus, being moved by an operatic aria or mesmerised by a performance artist all at the same time. The artistry is vividly layered with exquisite touches and brilliant production. 'Shape' is a stunning arrangement; the bass line, the backing vocals, even the use of the word prismatic adds something and the way Worden's vocals quicken and sharpen to exaggerate the pace and heighten the tension on 'Before The Words' are superb.

The ten track album is a succinct package of pure craftsmanship once again showcasing a formidable and individual talent. The initial military/cheerleading drum rolls head up a joyous percussive parade enhanced by triangles, scuzzy horns, flutes, whistles, rumbling bass lines and a magnificent vocal performance from Worden. If Shara Worden were an actor, she'd be a method actor for sure, she's that convincing and that good. If you haven't been to the theatre recently, My Brightest Diamond will take you there from the comfort of your own home.


Andrew Lockwood

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