Review of What We Are EP by Touriste

What We Are
EP Review

Touriste What We Are EP

Touriste name Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Radiohead amongst their influences and their grown-up, streamlined rock 'n' roll certainly owes a huge debt to those who've gone before them. They don't mention Athlete, which amazes me (or does it?) because that's exactly who they sound like, both in terms of their songs and singer Sam Harris's vocal style. In fact, so like Athlete are they, that I started to wonder about the band's name – similar as it is to an Athlete album. But with that issue on the back burner, this is a sweetly seductive four track ep that I can imagine doing incredibly well in the current musical climate. It's just the kind of stuff national radio are likely to pick up and run with. So they could be breaking out of the Isle of Sheppey any time soon.

Sharon Edge

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