Review of She's At The Club/ The Body Clap Single by Touche


Touche - She’s At The Club/ The Body Clap - Single Review


She’s At The Club/ The Body Clap

Touche release ‘She’s At The Club/ The Body Clap’ on Southern Fried Records. This track is good upbeat dance music. It’s progressive and combines house music with a bit of trance, but it’s not heavy, it’s pretty fickle in some ways but it’s a lot of fun and enjoyable to listen to. ‘She’s At The Club’ has a solid bass line with wickedly funky drumming and nice bongo sounds there. There’re synths to give it that trancey feel and even guitar to give it a bit of blues. There’s also an MC to make the track sound like a song. It

Touche - Shes At The Club/ The Body Clap - Single Review

has real pace, energy and I was really engrossed listening to it. ‘The Body Clap’ has a Latin fused Eastern feel to it that has strings in there with all the sounds of modern technology to hypnotise you. The song starts of with a gentle introduction that transforms into really heavy deep house sound that will appeal to those looking for music with a bit of balls. Then the strings come back in with ‘Bodyclap’ being said constantly to take you on an ambient journey into the realms of the higher conscience. Great use of synth sounds on this track. There’s also ‘The Paddle’, and ‘Girls A Freak’ that have their own charm and are equally successful.

I really enjoyed listening to this single. It has a lot of character and uses synth sounds to create house music at a progressive level. There’s loads going on and it’s full of energy. You imagine pill heads getting into this or lovers of the Scissor Sisters. Lots of fun and diversity.

Tareck Ghoneim