Review of Reverie EP by Tom Misch

Tom Misch impressed on his 'Beat Tape 2' release last year, and the London producer follows it up with the four-track EP 'Reverie'. His expertly handled beats can't be pinned down to one genre, and his unique mish-mash of influences works fantastically here.

Tom Misch Reverie EP

The cool synthesizers, crisp drums and funky guitar licks of the opening track 'Crazy Dream' are a perfect introduction to Misch's sound if you are unfamiliar, and frequent collaborator Loyle Carner joins for an upbeat, summery tune. The blend of house music and hip-hop influence is spread across the 'Reverie' EP, and it's a mixture that serves Tom well in creating catchy, tasteful movers. The soulful saxophone melodies, contributed by Tom's sister Laura Misch, are performed with flair, and the jazzy vibe of this one makes it a standout cut from the EP. Tom's vocals are impressive too, complimenting the flawless production perfectly.

'I Wish' is another laid-back, funky track; the 'Reverie' EP has a very cohesive feel and consistent sound, with tasteful, modern production mixed with a clear respect for genres such as soul, jazz and funk, which are all represented on the project. The closing track, 'Watch Me Dance', is subtle, catchy and undeniably groovy; Tom's production has a flair a natural vibe to it that never ceases to impress, and it's masterfully exhibited across the entirety of 'Reverie'.

Misch has a wide appeal; his influences and his output is diverse, and the eclectic nature of his work shines through. Fans of instrumental hip-hop will definitely enjoy this (and you get a dope feature from Loyle Carner too), but fans of jazz, electronica and funk are sure to keep this in rotation too. In fact, don't let yourself be boxed in, Tom certainly didn't when he was composing this project, check out a thoroughly enjoyable piece of work from one of the UK's most exciting producers.

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