Review of Beat Tape 2 Album by Tom Misch

London-based producer Tom Misch is one of the most exciting prospects on the chilled out beat-scene of the capital. 'Beat Tape 2' is a twelve track effort, and it showcases Tom's classy and crisp sound, with a consistent jazzy influence throughout. Some really well chosen guests help to glue the project together, and the subtle but effective drums bump from beginning to end.

Tom Misch Beat Tape 2 Album

With emotive guitar licks being a signature of Tom's sound, and muffled percussion contributing to the mellow vibe, the tracks found on 'Beat Tape 2' are perfect for absorption. These are far more than just loops or underdeveloped instrumentals; the structure, diversity and skill of Misch's production make it a fine project. The opener, 'The Journey' is terrific; the melodies are captivating and the beat is mellow, with crisp drums and fantastic exploitation of the guitar, which culminates in a fantastic solo. Loyle Carner makes an appearance on 'Nightgowns', and his relaxed delivery sounds great over the jazzy backdrop created by Tom, with soulful guitar playing. Carner spits, 'It be that Friday night fiddling with Fifa/ Slum Village seeping through the speaker, I need her', and his heartfelt verses are a great example of his unique style.

'Falafel' is an uptempo instrumental cut; Misch keeps a consistent vibe, with jazzy undertones and great instrumentation. His production touch is really dope too. Everything is perfectly balanced, and the clarity is impressive. The R&B driven vibe on 'Wake Up This Day', which features Brisbane born vocalist Jordan Rakei whose 5 track EP 'Groove Curse' (his second) was released last year, is another great track; Misch's classy touch has a very high success rate. The disco-esque 'Colours Of Freedom' is laced with shimmery synthesizers, a groovy bassline and infectious vocals; Tom Misch displays a very cohesive sound over the course of 'Beat Tape 2', but his diversity is clear too. The project finishes with 'Home'. This is a great closer, these instrumentals have so much to their texture and their structure. Sometimes the lack of vocal is glaring, but across 'Beat Tape 2', Misch expertly elects on which to have an MC or a vocalist, and which just simply don't require one. 

The drums, the guitar, the melodies, the mix, Tom Misch is onto a winner with this one. A mix of instrumental cuts and tracks with some really promising up and coming artists, this is one to check. With passion, with consistency and with glaring talent, this beat tape is much more than just a beat tape. 


Sam Bennett

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