London, Trinity


Despite the electrical gremlins best efforts and after some considered perseverance, Tigerforce eventually take stage. One girl, one boy, two guitars and a Smash Hits sticker, but don't let that fool you; Tigerforce take the direct route. Helen's riot grrrl vocals and Andy's barked response cleave their way through a backdrop of eclectic electronic tinkerings and some furious trip hop beats. It's a pretty intimidating wall of noise. Aggressively distorted to the point of being intelligible, the sound is overbearing tonight but it's mainly down to the piss poor sound system. The ferocious intro of 'We Start Fires' sees their boy/girl vocal dynamic used to great effect, whilst barrages of epileptic guitar give them a relentless, frenzied allure that might just scare you a little. There's a heavy industrial grounding to the majority of the set courtesy of the clanking electronic pulse and incessantly driven guitar but from the carnage comes the infectiously snappy 'Anthem' and 'Teeeeth' a song that typifies everything a Gran Turismo track should be; all breakneck guitars and colossal shifts in tempo and perfect for taking that supped up GT40 on the final bend. It might be a sound that requires a bit of concentration but demands nothing less than your full attention. Some real tinnitus inducing stuff.

Reef Conroy.

Site - http://www.tigerforce.co.uk