Review of Mysteries Album by Tigercats

The indie pop band from East London are back with their laid back album 'Mysteries' following their more upbeat, highly praised debut LP 'Isle of Dogs'. Now signed to Fortuna Pop! and with more time on the road, 'Mysteries' depicts the band's journey and shows how they have put their all into conquering what could have been a potentially problematic second album.

Tigercats Mysteries Album

In true Macabees-crossed-with-Catfish-and-the-Bottlemen style, Tigercats pull off their album with flair. Full of compact, tight melodies and catchy bass lines, 'Mysteries' takes the listener through an array of emotions and delves deep into the lives of the Tigercats members.

The album begins with 'Junior Champion' - a breath of fresh air for the indie pop scene, making it clear to all that the band has matured not only by age but with their music too.

Some of the tracks are perfect for a chill out session, such as 'Laura & Cesar', and others such as 'King Vic' are good for a good ol' headbob, making 'Mysteries' a very well rounded album. The tracks roll seamlessly into one another, telling the band's story of growing up and being on the road, giving off an almost weathered vibe.

With lead vocalist Duncan and keyboardist Laura's vocals intertwining on some tracks, it's easy to see how the two complement each other with their pitch perfect nature. On two tracks, 'Laura & Cesar' and 'Sleeping in the Backseat', Laura takes lead vocals - a refreshing change from the raspy sound of Duncan's vocals.

The first single from the album 'Sleeping in the Backseat' whisks up through the Tigercats' days of touring and missed loved ones which is quickly contrasted by 'So Haunted' and its catchy riff which will stay stuck in your head for days on end.

To close the album, 'Wendy and Lisa' provides a delicately sombre conclusion, further illustrating the band's new mature sound.

On an album with no weak tracks, it is clear to see that the Tigercats are a confident band with much more to give. 'Mysteries' leaves you with that pleasant, content feeling you get when an album is wholly complete.

With their album launch party kicking off on 13th Feb at the Montague Arms, Peckham, Tigercats is a band we should all keep our eyes on as, with the way they are going, they will be a prominent indie pop figure in the near future.


Sophie Brannon

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