Tidy New Year Weekender 2006

30th, 31st and 1st January

Pontins Holiday Camp

Blackpool Rocks - Tidy Take Over For Nye 2007!



To celebrate the Tidy New Year Weekender 2006 - Pontins Holiday Camp - Blackpool we have a wicked chalet prize to giveaway.

One winner plus three friends will get a chalet at the Weekender from Friday to Sunday to enjoy the festive dance event.

you must be over 18 to enter

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Alright. We'll say it. TWX was a total, absolute 110% storming success! If you were there then give yourselves a big fat pat on the back because you helped make it one of the best Weekenders we've ever put together. There's only one question that remains - how on earth can we top it?

On December 30th and 31st 2006 and January 1st 2007 thousands of clubbers from around the UK and the world will descend on Pontins in Blackpool expecting the time of their life. Is Tidy ready to deliver?

So grab hold of your time machine, crank the levers, and prepare to be whisked off into the next Tidy New Year! At Tidy HQ we've inspected all possible talent through space and time, and launched a New Year weekender surpassing all that have boldly gone before it. Thrusting deep into the past, present & future of hard dance we've come up with one of the most amazing line-ups you'll encounter in your life!

We've already revealed that Edison Factor LIVE, Paul Maddox LIVE, the Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, Mark EG, Lisa Pin-Up, Lee Haslam, Amber D, Andy Whitby, the Organ Donors, Andy Farley, Rob Tissera, Steve Thomas and more are going to be there. Now we've got three more stunning acts to add to the list!

Sarah G, Kutski, and Sam Townend & Deano are massive favourites with everyone at Tidy. So much so that we're bringing them and their mind-blowing musical styles to Blackpool with us when we go!

Sarah G has travelled the world since she exploded onto the scene in 2000. Discovered by Mixmag on a dancefloor in the Midlands, her pumping, tough style drove the crowds wild wherever she went. Now she comes to our NYE Weekender and to say that we're looking forward to it is one hell of an understatement! Just one word - hot!

Kutski is massively renowned for the underground hard dance & hardcore he spins to perfection. Named by energy.com as 'DJ of the month' three times in one year, this guy is never short of fans travelling from far and wide to experience his superlative talent. A fan of playing underground where he feels he's best suited, we've pulled him above ground for one New Year party he's sure to never forget!

Sam Townend & Deano have been making a name for themselves all over the place. Shroom Recordings' Sam and Deano play back to back, ripping it up an absolutely blistering array of hard dance with a slightly filthy funky tinge to it. A hit at TWX, they're back for more of the same at NYE 2007!

To get your ticket for what WILL be the hottest Weekender we've ever put on, log on right now to www.tidy.com or call 0870 777 2652! It's New Years Eve so make it special - make it Tidy!

Tidy New Year Weekender 2006

30th, 31st and 1st January

Pontins Holiday Camp


Tickets available at www.tidy.com/nye or by calling 0870 777 2652


Paul Maddox Live!

Tidy Boys

Anne Savage

Mark EG

Andy Farley

Rob Tissera

Paul Glazby

Steve Thomas

Lisa Pin-Up

Lee Haslam

Ian M

Jon Doe

Organ Donors

Amber D

Alex Kidd,

Andy Whitby

Superfast Oz


Paul King



Dark by Design

Nik Denton


Ben Stevens

JP & Jukesy


Wid & Ben


Colin Barratt

Ben Kaye

Cally Gage

Lady Bianca

12" Thumpers

Tim Clewz

Lee Pasch

Kernzy & Klemenza


Shaun M

The Colonel




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