Review of Safehaven Album by Tides From Nebula

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, Tides From Nebula are a quartet who formed in 2008 and have released three albums prior to 'Safehaven'.  The instrumental outfit are currently on tour throughout mainland Europe, while two shows in their native land are scheduled in November.

Tides From Nebula Safehaven Album

The title track, which shares the name of the album, opens proceedings in chiming alt-rock fashion, supported with a hypnotic piano line, before progressing into synth-based metal that brings to mind the work of Lacuna Coil.  'Knees To The Earth' continues this sound, pausing for breath at its mid-point before resuming some punishing guitar work.  The absence of vocals results in song structures outside of pop music; 'The Lifter' for example has a soundscape that features clear segments of arena rock and more contemplative, melodic guitar.  This approach forms the basis of 'Colour Of Glow', while 'Home' ends the record on a shimmering tone of optimism.  It's hard not to appreciate the musicianship that creates a feeling like this, and while it may not be for everyone, this is a good example of how a non-vocal approach can create a record of interest and variety.

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