Review of Under The Sun/ Attack Single by Thousand Natural Shocks

Thousand Natural Shocks
Under The Sun/ Attack
Single Review

Thousand Natural Shocks Under The Sun/ Attack Single

UK quartet Thousand Natural Shocks have released a double A-side single, after gaining some considerable buzz on the live circuit.

"Under The Sun" comes straight off the bat sounding like Radio 1's own The Kooks, but don't let that put you off just yet, it is a sprightly little chugger. It builds up from crunchy guitars and a melodic bass line, into a chorus that's… a bit of a let down.

You will find "Attack" in a similar state, although it is undoubtedly the better of the two. It's a slow burner, all weird time signatures and breathless vocals, a supple bass line ebbing through it consistently, until, you guessed it, the chorus comes and is something akin to taking a stroll on a warm summer's day and stepping in a cow pat. A massive disappointment.This is quite an irritating single because both tracks promise so much yet end up delivering relatively little, but at least they show some promise, and maybe one day, this band will shock us, in a good way.

Ben Davis

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