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Thousand Natural Shocks
Under The Sun
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Thousand Natural Shocks Under The Sun Single

The remote Devonshire setting of Exeter may not be synonymous with all things rock and roll to the casual observer, but did you know that Muse and a certain Thom Yorke spent their formative musical years treading the boards in the southwest city's toilet circuit many moons ago.

Thousand Natural Shocks are on a mission to try and emulate their success, although the location of Exeter is about the only similarity that can be found with the aforementioned duo. Instead, Thousand Natural Shocks see to have been honing up on their new wave and artrock history guides, as 'Under The Sun' sounds like The Jam on a collision with The Rakes in some Devolutionary time tunnel somewhere over the past 30 years.

Flipsides 'Attack' and 'Never Say Never Do' meanwhile suggest a more diverse approach to the band's songwriting nous, erupting in a purely "rock" moment on the former while conjuring up a timeless ballad-like monster of epic proportions with the latter.

Ones to watch in the coming months then…

Dom Gourlay

Other Information:
Label: Play It Again 7
Released: 12th June 2006

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