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The Violets
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The Violets Foreo Single

Sounding like a cross between a lunchtime pile-up on the underground and butcher's knife-sharpening session with commentary overdubs provided by Kate, Hazel O'Connor's character in 'Breaking Glass', you're probably wondering what on earth you've let yourself in for with this little lot.

However do not despair, as 'Foreo', the fourth Violets release to date, is a sharp-as-a-razor, instinctively engaging and ultimately mesmerising slab of artistically coiffeured neu wave that combines segments of punk's first, most groundbreaking wave with the current fad for all things sketchy, jerky and loud.

Apparently this record is inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock thriller 'Marnie', and when singer Alexis let's out a piercing cry about all things "blood red", the hairs on the back of one's neck have created a Mohawk all of their own.

Scary stuff then, but equally impeachable to spontaneous addiction.

Dom Gourlay

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