Review of Drop Me Off In Rotherham Single by The Tivoli

The Tivoli
Drop Me Off In Rotherham
Single Review

The Tivoli Drop Me Off In Rotherham Single

Rotherham Football Club were close to an end and The Tivoli have taken it upon themselves to release what is going to be a download only single. Now people that know me, know that I think this is a kop out, but funnily enough I totally back it in this circumstances. Lets face it doing a download only track is a lot cheaper than releasing it normally. Anyway the reason they get my thumbs up is because all the proceeds from this release will be going to the Football Club and hopefully help the small town of Rotherham, to still have a football club.

Politics over, what does this actually f***ing sound like? Hmmm!!! Well you can hear the pain in this guys voice that his beloved club may go under. In general it is poor, but there are some funny lyrics, mainly with some swearing in it. Take it as a charity single because that is all it is, and all the best to Rotherham.

Mark Moore

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