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The Suzukis
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The Suzukis Reducer EP

Wigan outfit The Suzukis are set to embark their music career in the shape of the release of their Reducer EP. The Suzukis are learning how much hard work it really is to be recording, releasing stuff and touring all in a tight space of time. None of this however seems to have deterred them and as each live show comes along, The Suzukis just seem to grow in stature.

The Suzukis are hard hitting, must have the volume on dangerously high sort of band, which the band provide perfect evidence in the shape of the title track Reducer. They just fly in with banging guitar riffs from the start followed by Chris Veasey bellowing out the lyrics not too dissimilar to the man himself Ozzy Osborne (Early Black Sabbath days). This track just spreads energy from it; you can't listen to this and stand or even sit still. Some part of you will voluntarily or involuntarily move to beat, Reducer is like Paul McKenna hypnotising you.

The trend continues on with Built In, with the guitars somehow sounding louder and changing in so many directions it would leave you suffering from motion sickness. Stuart Robison must look like he has been thrown into the shower after this track because he really is going to town on the drums. There would be no surprise at all to find out that he had a supply of drumsticks with him during this.

Headset leads into a cross between a Foo Fighters meet Oasis, with spiralling lyrics and one minute all out rocking to the next slowing it all down, but maintaining the intensity to it. The finish is quite simply feedback followed by noise, noise, and even more noise.

These guys are certainly looking to put themselves on the map and Wigan again since The Verve was around. Could The Suzukis be the next best thing to come from Wigan since The Verve, or could they be even bigger?? Who knows there could be a head to head with The Verve reuniting?

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Mark Moore