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The Spills
Safety In Numbers
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The Spills Safety In Numbers Single

The opening salvo of 'four spunky teenage upstarts based around Leeds' seems to come up at least three times a year now, and has done since a certain five-piece predicted a riot not so long back.

In this instance, the four upstarts come from Wakefield - not strictly Leeds in the same way the home counties (i.e. anything ending in -sex) technically aren't part of London - and not unlike the most famous set of brothers to come from their hometown in recent years, make a quite unholy, visceral noise straight from the depths of their bellies.

'Safety In Numbers' does bare a slight resemblance to some of The Cribs more frantic moments, whilst retaining an urgency and degree of originality, not least by way of the fact singer Gary Gibbon's voice sounds like it's about to break mid-song.

With so many new bands emerging from the north's second city at the minute, the saturation levels were exceeded a long time ago, but if this two-and-a-half minutes spurt of excitement is anything to go by, maybe there is room for one more after all, and as things stand there's no reason why that shouldn't be The Spills.

Dom Gourlay

Photo credit: Lord Robert Taylor of Wakefield.