Review of Opera Of Love Album by These Reigning Days

Hailing from Devon, the trio who make up These Reigning Days had spent time playing in local bands before getting together and becoming an outfit who have supported Bon Jovi at the San Siro stadium in Milan. They tour more modest venues in the UK and mainland Europe for the next couple of months in support of 'Opera Of Love', their debut album.

These Reigning Days Opera Of Love Album

By the end of the first chorus of opener 'Stand Down', the ambition of the band is pretty clear - big arena rock tinged with electronic effects. Many of the expected ingredients are present, from the thudding rhythm section to elevated chorus, while vocalist Dan Steer could easily have fronted The Kooks or The Pigeon Detectives. The overall result though is somewhat lacking - there's nothing to actually demand your attention and trigger the urge for a second listen. What follows could be described as a dozen instances of Groundhog Day. Rarely straying from the set formula, the wait for a track to lift proceedings doesn't end, yet there are enough foundations here that a decent record wouldn't have been out of the question with a handful of fulfilling songs. The likes of 'Smoke And Mirrors', 'Satellite' and 'Fishbowl' could have been cause for celebration, instead they disappoint like a firework that doesn't ignite. One stand out moment does come in the shape of 'I Need Time'; a duet featuring the talents of Jazmyn Mary, which encapsulates with a wistful tone, but it's far from enough save an album that feels like it should be so much more.


Alex Lai

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