Review of We Know Best Single by The Raid

The Raid
We Know Best
Single Review

The Raid We Know Best Single

Currently on tour, The Raid are a quintet who hail from Hemel Hempstead have travelled the path of school pals who wanted nothing more than to be in a band. Amongst their listed influences are Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Elvis, while they've described their sound as 'no nonsense, just straight forward guitars and drums'.

Kicking off with the rhythm section, The Raid's debut offering has the same choppy guitar styling that has worked so well for the likes of The Pigeon Detectives. However, their melodies aren't quite as catchy and the resulting track while not poor is easily forgettable as it lacks any sort of hook. The heavier direction of b-side 'Show Me' makes more of a positive impression and the band could do worse than to develop this part of their repertoire.

Alex Lai

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