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The Motorpool
Wrecking Ball EP
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The Motorpool Wrecking Ball EP EP

The Motorpool are set to release their new EP titled Wrecking Ball EP. With already released single on it, The Motorpool have stepped up a gear to try and get themselves established on the Indie/Rock music scene. This is a four track EP that is nice enough to listen to, but unfortunately nothing jumps out at you. Consistent all the same though.

The Motorpool are the missing link between Indie and Pop music, they are the in between. Lets not try and label them with some crap style as what happened in the nineties with 'Britpop'.

Wrecking Ball, the title track feels like Idlewild and probably a nicer version of the Editors. Not going all guns blazing at their equipment, just play them nicely. Tracks such as Credit Card, well we can all relate to them. They are evil and it has been known that people do actually get addicted to spending on Credit Cards even though you have pay 10 times more back. A bit of an educational band as well.

I'm not sure how these will be welcomed in the music world, but I am very sure that there will be a lot of controversy surrounding them.

Mark Moore

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