Review of Make Her Cry Single by The Marshals

The Marshals
Make Her Cry
Single Review

The Marshals Make Her Cry Single

This may be just a one track single but don't let that put you off, "Make Her Cry" is a glimpse of what Irish (or Oirish if you say it as it sounds!) rockers "The Marshals" are going to bring to you. This is an extremely fast impacting song that will make you go straight on the web to see what other sounds they can produce, and you will not be disappointed. This single is full of fiery pop/rock good vibes that will be recognised by past experiences of heart wrenched passion of every lost romantic who ever struck a guitar in anger! Mixture of the Bluetones meets White Stripes the power of The Marshals has pretty much transformed Dublin's famous Temple Bar into a scene of their very own. Its recommended you keep an eye out for this group as the passion and feeling that is in this debut single will keep you gripped and baying for more.


Adam Pricket

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