Review of One More Won't Kill Us Single by The Hedrons

The Hedrons
One More Won't Kill Us
Single Review

The Hedrons One More Won't Kill Us Single

Having already released 3 singles from the album, the Glasgow-based four-piece The Hedrons have finally got round to releasing their debut full-length One More Won't Kill Us.

The only element of originality here is the fact that there are not many all-female bands in the media spotlight doing the whole 'rock n' roll' thing. This record feels like a statement, a little bit like the bubblegum "girl power" movement. Sorry to break it to you ladies, but the Spice Girls beat you to it (more than a decade ago).

What I can say about this album is you will have heard the riffs a thousand times before, the lyrics lack depth and it's all pretty one-dimensional. Other than the terrible output of Juilette & The Licks, I really can't find any rock-based comparisons. If anything, The Hedrons sound more like what I imagine Girls Aloud would sound like if they picked up a few guitars. Having said all that, I don't suppose there is nothing wrong with a little harmless fun from time to time (I've just remembered these girls are from Glasgow), though if like me, you expect a little more from your music, it's probably best to look elsewhere.

Colin Burrill

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