Review of Beyond The End Single by The Energies

The Energies
Beyond The End
Hypertelic Records
Single Review

The Energies Beyond The End Single

The debut single from "The Energies" is the catchy "Beyond the End". It may not cheer you up in the winter months but would be a song to listen too while driving in your car in the summer with the roof down (if your that rich!). Due to the highly "boyband" style vocals though I can really only see this becoming a hit with the younger generation. You cant help but think while listening to it that someone has shown one of these nauseating pop idol winners how to play an instrument, apart from the keyboards have the sound stuck on the default organ drone.
Its not as bad as that may sound and I'm sure their will definitely be a market out their for The Energies, my only hope being that the other tracks have replaced the keyboard solo with guitars. Only time and songs will tell if they can produce the goods to build a fanbase big enough to take them into the charts. That aside the website is highly entertaining and interactive.—♀



Adam Prickett