The Deads

The Deads

When talking to other people in the industry I tend to end up bowing my head in shame, the conversation goes something like this:

Me: Hi where you from?
Record Exec: Leeds – home of bands like the Kaiser Chiefs, you?
Me: *cough* Portsmouth – home of them little wankers from Noise Next Door, ill get my coat!

Now, finally… or eventually at the least I will be able to say home of "The Deads", a six piece that just exhume energy across the stage. Their top track on Myspace is "Gimmiesomething" a garage rock track that sounds like it would stem from the same school as the Zutons, but with a LOT more power, grunting and crazy jumping around in the crowd! Pulling out of the kicking verse to give you a slow solo mixing harmonicas and a saxophone "The Deads" are covering all angles when it comes to producing a show.
A major prospect for the future of the British Indie/Garage Rock scene you can see why they already have grown a major fan base around the south of the UK. The Deads are very much and every bit alive!

Adam Prickett

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