The Actions

The Actions

The Actions are somewhat of an unknown quantity here but have been making waves back home in Italy.

The pop/rock/indie trio have arrived in England after a glittering unsigned career back home which has included; playing over 150 gigs, winning countless unsigned band competitions - including 'MTV onstage' and opening for the likes of REM, Garbage and Greenday in front of crowds of 10,000 people. But now fully migrated to London they've almost got to start again.

Their varied rock guitars and drums are indie rock but Marta's accented vocals give the music a more Pop pedigree. The guitar work is airy and free flowing and feeds the vocals with an invisible potency. Catchy vocals and melodies sit together really well and are preformed vividly. But will it transition well over here? Who knows?

In a nutshell it sounds a lot like the Britpop of the 90's with an Italian accent. Not that it's a bad thing but the fickle yet steadfast zeitgeist sound of the moment isn't what they're doing. This can sadly be the failing of a lot of bands and may hamper their success. Although their ability to straddle the pop/rock market does bode well as their music does bridge a gap between bubblegum pop and soft rock and similarities with great female vocal Britpop acts are easily heard.

But definitely check them out, they're doing what they want to do and doing it really well, but whether over here that's 10 years too late, still remains to be unseen.

Adam Adshead

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