Review of Sunday Romance EP by The Novatones

The Novatones are back with their third EP 'Sunday Romance' to round off their EP trilogy themed around the weekend. Following 'Begging At The Bunhouse' and 'For Monies Sake', 'Sunday Romance' gives off that typical Sunday feel - the end of the weekend and aftermath of the previous nights.

The Novatones Sunday Romance EP

With the aim to prove that they are still the same since the departure of their lead guitarist and bassist at the end of 2013 at the core of their focus, The Novatones certainly succeed in giving us the vibe that they have had since the beginning.

With an Oasis mixed with The Rifles twist to their music, 'Sunday Romance' is the type of EP that you'd be happy to wake up to in the morning and you can listen to on repeat without getting bored.

Opening the EP with 'Daddy Didn't Know', the upbeat track could be the soundtrack of anyone who's old enough to be out on a Saturday night's life.

The second track 'Forever Tonight' is a toe tapper which can only be perceived as a love song - not your typical ballad but a love song all the same. The line 't-t-t-t-touch me' is a lyric which we can imagine being shouted out loud by the crowd at a live gig.

The bassline is what draws you into the third track 'Western Song'. This track is the stand out of the EP. With its catchy melody, it'd be a surprise if this doesn't instantly become a hit with The Novatones' fans. Anthony's diction in this song is sometimes hard to make out, but perfect word for word pronunciation isn't what you'd expect from an indie rock band.

The fourth track 'Tell Me' is one of those songs that you just don't want to end. With lines like 'walking 'til our legs give way', it is a track that The Novatones clearly put their heart and soul into.

Closing the EP with 'Yourself', a laidback, soothing and passionate track, the five track masterpiece that is 'Sunday Romance' is rounded up perfectly. Breaking into an Oasisesque vibe, The Novatones show that they can do both the rowdy, upbeat tracks and the slower, more meaningful songs.

'Sunday Romance' EP makes up the end of the beginning for The Novatones. It ends the trilogy and rounds off the previous two EPs that were full of mischievous and highly emotive songs with more of a nostalgia feel - reminiscing about the good times that have just passed. It is a well-rounded EP and one of its very few downsides is the fact that it didn't go on for longer.


Sophie Brannon

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